Urdu 1

Urdu 1 is an entertainment television network that broadcasts entertainment content in Urdu language all day and night. Urdu 1 is owned by Alliance Media FZ LLC, which operates out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and is the company's headquarters. The transmission of the channel was first made available in Pakistan for the first time on June 12, 2012, and on June 23, 2012, it started airing on a regular basis. Ishq-e-Mamnu, a Turkish television serial that airs on the channel, has already sparked curiosity of millions of people, solidifying Urdu 1's position as one of the most reputable entertainment channels.

Urdu 1 is a Pakistani entertainment channel that airs a variety of plays performed in Urdu. The station's name comes from the language. When the channel first started airing, it first aired drama serials originating from Pakistan, India, and Turkey. However, after the tragic event that took place in Uri in 2016, the channel is no longer airing any television programs from India. After then, it began broadcasting Urdu dubs of shows that were first shown in Turkey as well as additional Pakistani content that was produced in Pakistan.

The television series Baaghi and Tum Kon Piya are primarily responsible for the increased attention that the channel has acquired in the country. The channel resumed airing Indian television shows in the later part of 2017, after it first stopped doing so. Because of the continuing war between India and Pakistan along their shared border in 2019, the channel has decided to cease showing Indian shows. The channel has not broadcasted any programs with original voices since the year 2020; instead, they always use Turkish dubbing.