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Pakistan's Top Shows For Kids

PDR is one of the leading companies in Pakistan that lists top-rated Shows for children in Pakistan. These ratings are based on both qualitative and quantitative methods that measure the popularity of content transmitted on social media sites. we use a number of objective measures to develop these ratings including Facebook likes, comments, shares, and tweets about each show. PDR’s team has conducted extensive research to compile these rankings involving hundreds of stakeholders from all over the country to arrive at a final rating for each television series.

Pakistan Digital Ratings provide ratings for Kids' TV Shows in Pakistan. Our primary focus is on providing parents with ratings of the top-rated kids' shows. So that they may make informed choices when it comes to what entertainment options are available to their children.

Top Rated Kids Shows in Pakistan - Weekly Ratings

  • Rank

  • Kids Shows

  • TV channels

  • Views

  • Likes

  • 1

  • Chatti Ke Bachay Apsei Achay

  • BOL Entertainment

  • 17.6M

  • 15.3M

  • 2

  • Burka Avenger

  • Geo Entertainment

  • 16.9M

  • 16.2M

  • 3

  • Jan cartoon

  • BOL Entertainment

  • 12.8M

  • 12.4M

  • 4

  • Commander Safeguard

  • ARY Digital

  • 10.9M

  • 10.2M

  • 5

  • Quaid Say Baatein

  • Geo Entertainment

  • 8.6M

  • 8.4M