PTV Sports

PTV Sports was Pakistan's first ever dedicated sports television station. The Pakistan Television Corporation, which is an institution wholly controlled by the state, is the owner of this station. PTV Sports has been broadcasting since 1976 and has seen significant growth in viewership in recent years owing to the channel's high-quality coverage of cricket matches and other sporting events. PTV Sports has been in operation since 1976.

As one of the most important cricket broadcasters in Pakistan, it covers all of the major domestic and international tournaments, including the ICC World Cup, Cricket World Cup Qualifiers, etc., T20 cricket matches and international ODI series like the matches between Pakistan and India, etc., as well as domestic cricket competitions like the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy and the National One Day Championship (NOC).

Many brand-new sports networks have developed over the course of the last few years, which has led to an increased competition among existing networks. On the other hand, a good many of them were unable to keep up with the degree of popularity they had among the common people. Talk about the most prominent sports channel in our nation, which is called PTV Sports.

PTV Sports consistently ranks high among the most popular sports networks in terms of viewership in Pakistan. Young people in Pakistan have a strong interest in watching a variety of sporting events, including cricket, hockey, football, wrestling, and tennis. On a single platform, you have access to a large selection of gaming options, which you may play.

This national sports channel's primary objective is to provide live coverage of athletic events that are taking place in different parts of the country and throughout the world. PTV Sports Live is an engaging and intriguing sports website that gives you access to a wide variety of exciting sporting events to keep you entertained. The channel is appreciative to have such loyal followers since it enables it to show live games, programs that focus on sports, replays of historic events, and a great deal more.

The number one spot on the list of PTV Home's most watched programs goes to

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  • Sports Circle
  • Keh dein jo kehna hai