Top News Channel Ratings

If you're looking for the best news channels in Pakistan, then you've come to the right place. Pakistan Digital Ratings (PDR) is a digital platform that uses data from social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Tiktok to extract the TV news channel rankings. It's a great way to quickly find out most popular news channels in Pakistan online.

PDR uses social media platforms to extract the top news channel ratings. This means that instead of using the traditional method of surveys and focus groups, we use actual viewer data.

You can search for a specific news channel or just browse through the list of news channels in Pakistan to see what's popular. This can be particularly useful if you're looking for a new channel to watch, and want to see if it's worth checking out.

You can also use this site to find out more about each channel's viewership—some of them have millions of followers!

That's The Buzz! - Weekly Ratings

  • Position
  • News Channel
  • Ratings
  • 1

  • Bol News

  • 2

  • Geo News

  • 3

  • PTV News

  • 4

  • ARY News

  • 5

  • EXPRESS News

  • 6

  • AAJ News

  • 7

  • SAMAA News

  • 8

  • BBC World

  • 9

  • CNN

  • 10

  • KTN News