GNN News

Hum News is a 24-hour Urdu news station in Pakistan. The channel is a commercial subdivision of Hum Television Network with headquarters in Islamabad. Her sibling networks are Hum TV, Hum Masala, and Hum Sitaray.

G News Network, or GNN, is a 24-hour Pakistani news and current affairs channel headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan. Gourmet Foods owns and operates the establishment.

It was started in 2005 under license from CNBC Asia Pacific as CNBC Pakistan. Previously, it belonged to Vision Network Television Limited. It was renamed Jaag TV and relaunched in 2015. In 2018, it was revived under the moniker GNN.

The network provides coverage of national politics, international news, and sports as well as business and financial information. It also airs talk shows discussing current affairs around the world.