Geo Entertainment

Geo Network is the parent company of the Geo Entertainment channel, which broadcasts entertainment programming in Pakistan. As a general entertainment channel, it first broadcasted its first show in 2002. Dramas, talk shows, comedy shows, and variety shows are all part of the channel's programming schedule. GEO is one of the oldest Pakistani networks, and ever since the firm was established, it has constantly achieved great TRPs on a range of daily television dramas, reality shows, and drama serials. GEO is also one of the most well-known names in Pakistani entertainment. When Geo was in its early years, it used to broadcast a range of different daily television shows, and many of those programs, particularly the soap operas, went on to achieve a significant amount of success.

The high-quality programming on Geo TV, which includes dramas with strong female characters and stories that call for social change, has received praise from viewers and critics alike. In addition, the channel produces content for other online video services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube, amongst others. It has been recognized with more than thirty prizes for the quality of its plays and continues to be one of the most popular channels in Pakistan, both domestically and internationally (especially in the United Kingdom).

Alongside its sibling stations such as Geo Kahani, Geo Super, and Geo Tez, Geo Entertainment may be accessed in Pakistan via cable, satellite, and IPTV systems.